The village of Lake was established during the lumbering
era, primarily as a 'Whistle Stop' along the Pere
Marquette Railway Line.  Later it was settled for its
naturally beautiful surroundings.

The village of Lake lies between two large bodies of
water, Perch Lake and Crooked Lake.  Just a few miles
west you will find beautiful Eight Point Lake.

The old concrete 'Coal Dock' (one of only a few left in
Michigan) built in the 1930's is silent testimony to the
steam days of train engines.

Summer brings many water activities to the area and
winter finds both lakes covered with ice shanties by the
cold weather anglers.

The Lake Daze Celebration, held in the beginning of
summer, is a cross between a festival and a carnival and
offers people of all ages a chance to get together and
have some old-fashion, honest-to-goodness fun.  The
Lake Community Association, a non-profit group
supported by volunteers and local businesses support
several children events including an Easter Egg Hunt, a
Halloween Party, and a Christmas Party.  Lake Daze
provides an outlet for both children and adults.  Scattered
throughout the year, fund raisers, such as Millionaire
Parties, Flea Markets, Auctions and periodic special
interest gatherings are held to fund all community
activities of LCA.  The old train depot is constantly being
improved.  Currently we are organizing a museum that
reflects artifacts of days gone by from the depot.  There
is also an old caboose next to the depot which is also
being refurbished.  We are continually looking for
volunteers, come join us for fun and meeting new friends.

Entertainment for both adults and children can be found
with restaurants, Dairy Queen, and a roller rink in the
community.  There are also several resorts and
campgrounds in the area.

Lake is the Midwest's home base for the Fraternal Order
of Eagles in both Michigan and Canada and several Boy
Scout Camps make their homes in the Lake area,
including one which was formerly the Harry Bennet Home
of Ford Motor Company lore.

All this and in a picturesque setting too.  The Lake Area is
a fine mixture of recreational fun, a get-away-from-it-all
retreat and loaded with natural beauty for every season.

Lakes around the resort area include Eight Point Lake,
Mystic Lake, Crooked Lake, Perch Lake, Gray Lake, Big
Mud Lake, Big Cranberry Lake, Bass Lake, Bullhead
Lake, Spillway Lake, Three Lakes, Bluff Lake and Grass

Thank You for visiting our Web Site and we invite you to
acquaint yourself with all our merchants.  Have a great
stay with us.

Lake is located in Garfield Township:
Supervisor - Bill Scott (989)544-2131  
Clerk - Florence Mowery (989)544-2445
Treasurer - Robin Yarhouse (989)544-2926