Lake George

Logging was a major industry in Clare county in
the 1870's. Dozens of logging camps existed,
towns and villages sprung up around the camps
and the railroads that served them.  The world's
first narrow gauge railway was built in 1874 by
Winfield Scott Garrish: the Lake George and
Muskegon River Railroad. In 1877 the track was
only 71/2 miles long.  It was built over swampy
land, streams, hills and dales by human labor.
In 1879 there were 17 bridges as part of the track
which was over 45 miles long, extending from
Bertha Lake to Lake George.
Most of the old Lake George and Muskegon River
Railroad grade can still be walked or driven. You
can find a Historical plaque is erected on Old 27
midway between Harrison and Clare,
commemorating the railroad.  In1882, with the lack
of pine to lumber, the railroad was no longer in